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Premarital and Marital Guidance 

Module 4: TTYL Comunication

Welcome To Module 1: Five Types of Love 

There are three major killers in a marriage: Communication, Sex, and Finances. Because most issues in a marriage regarding sex and finances can be resolved by effective communication, communication becomes the tipping point of any relationship and is a mission critical skill set. Effective communication first starts with intentional and effective listening. Communication in relationships can be difficult. Problems are usually never resolved in a relationship, because while one person is expressing how they feel about something, the other person is thinking of what their comeback will be, instead of truly listening and empathizing with the other.

What You'll Learn

  • Differences in communication styles of men and women 

  • Principles for effective communication.

  • How to listen empathically 

  • How to identify and resolve conflicts in our communications.

What To Do Next

After watching the video, please complete the following:

  • Download and complete your five takeaways sheet. 

  • Set aside time this week to Download and practice the Seek first to understand Document (click red box upper right corner)Each of you need to pick a topic to discuss and spend some time practicing 

Your Resources

Your Instructor

Dr. Gene Herndon is a prolific minister and highly sought-after author, speaker, and teacher who possesses the resounding ability to interpret the Word of God and communicate it in such a way that people are able to apply it purposefully and effectively in their daily lives.


For over 10 years, Reverend Herndon has provided simple, practical and relevant teaching and understanding of the Bible. Reverend Herndon holds a Master’s Degree of Theology (M.Th) and a Doctorate of Divinity (D. Div.)


Pastor G as he is affectionately called, founded and pastors Stonepoint Community Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Phoenix, Arizona. He, his wife Shana, and Daughter Ari currently reside in Glendale.


Other insightful and pragmatic literary works authored by Reverend Herndon include ”identity: Discovering Your Authority in Christ”, “The Art of Following”, “Getting Out of The Wilderness”, and “Betrayal: Learning to Trust Again”. All are available at your local bookstores.

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