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Welcome To Leader Track 

12 Key Attributes

What You'll Learn

  • The culture at the heart of Stonepoint Community Church

  • All 12 Key Attributes that drive our organization

12 Key Attributes Introduction - 

This video is an introduction explaining the significance of the 12 Key Attributes and an overview of each attribute.

Big Day Strategy Video - 18min

There are two ways to fulfill the great commission that Jesus has instructed us all to do; "Go and Tell," (missional) or "Come and See" (attraction). While we use both methods, this video will explain our "attractional" strategy of Come and See.

What To Do Next

After watching the two videos, please complete the following:

  • Set aside time this week to pray about and study the content.

  • Download and review both the Concentric Circles of Growth Document and the Big Day Document 

  • Download and read the Art of Excellence (22pgs)

  • Meet with your ministry leader to discuss

Your Resources

Our Pastor

Dr. Gene Herndon is a prolific minister and highly sought-after author, speaker, and teacher who possesses the resounding ability to interpret the Word of God and communicate it in such a way that people are able to apply it purposefully and effectively in their daily lives.


For over 10 years, Reverend Herndon has provided simple, practical and relevant teaching and understanding of the Bible. Reverend Herndon holds a Master’s Degree of Theology (M.Th) and a Doctorate of Divinity (D. Div.)


Pastor G as he is affectionately called, founded and pastors Stonepoint Community Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Phoenix, Arizona. He, his wife Shana, and Daughter Ari currently reside in Glendale.


Other insightful and pragmatic literary works authored by Reverend Herndon include "The Elephant in the Bedroom", "”identity: Discovering Your Authority in Christ”, “The Art of Following”, “Getting Out of The Wilderness”, and “Betrayal: Learning to Trust Again”. All are available at your local bookstores.

If you would like to continue on to become eligible to be a Team Leader or Ministry Leader (or maybe one day Pulpit Ministry Server), click on the button below to request enrollment into the next Alpha Team Training Program. 


(For all of you overachievers )

  • Download and complete your five takeaways sheet for The Art of Following ebook. It is a fillable PDF.

    • ​A “takeaway” is a piece of valuable information (a quote, phrase or point) acquired from the material provided. One takeaway consists of:

      1. The quote/phrase/point from the material,

      2. Your thoughts concerning the quote/phrase/point, 

      3. What specifically you can do to model this principle in your life and put it to action,

      4. Email it to

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