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We have openings on our team for worship vocalists, musicians, expressive dancers, and actors. God can use your gifts and skills to make a difference in the lives of others at Stonepoint Community Church.


We are a group of believers whose sole purpose and mission is to worship our Lord God in spirit and truth in our daily lives. Whether leading worship on stage, dancing before the Lord, or bringing stories to life, our goal is to give honor to God.

Our worship style ranges from various genres such as gospel, traditional hymns, and contemporary songs that inspire and encourage those who hear them to engage in the worship experience at Stonepoint Community Church.

The passion, commitment, and honor of each team member to God, to the church, and our fellow members is an integral part of who we are as a team. We believe worship of God is not limited to our time in the church but includes every aspect of our lives. This is expressed through each team member by our attention to punctuality, preparedness with the pieces we are bringing to the team, and adorning a Christ-like attitude.

Team practices are held regularly throughout the week where each group comes together to refine and perfect their performance as a unit, while each member practices individually to increase their skill level in their time.


As a future member, you will be expected to uphold the same standards of reverence, diversity, respect, and demeanor held by current worship team members as mentioned above. You will also be expected to attend mandatory weekly practices (please inquire with our Worship Arts Director for a weekly practice schedule).

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